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Resources Available for Teachers

The Oklahoma History Center offers Traveling Trunks
The program which brings the museum to the classroom. Each trunk contains lesson plans, hands-on activities, and three-dimensional artifacts for the students to handle. All museum programs directly address Oklahoma Academic Standards and correlate with Oklahoma History Center exhibits.
  • Trunks are free to teachers, librarians, home school co-ops, and pre-service teachers.
  • Trunks may be picked up at the Oklahoma History Center or sent to your school for the cost of shipping.
  • Trunks are checked out for up to one week.

All trunks include:

  • A curriculum guide based on Oklahoma Academic Standards with background information and supplemental activities
  • Hands-on objects

Trunks may include:

  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Trade books

The curriculum includes activities appropriate for all students, K through 12th grade, and all teachers who have checked out our trunks found them to be valuable tools for their classrooms. While our trunks focus on social studies curriculum, they are also interdisciplinary. Language arts, math, science, physical education, art, music, gifted, and special education teachers have used our trunks in their classrooms.Interested in a trunk or have questions? Contact or by phone at 405-522-0791.

Interested in a trunk or have questions? Contact or by phone at 405-522-0791.

The wheel can be used in any of your events. Please let us know when you need it and we will put you on the calendar.

Bring Oklahoma Natural History to Your Classroom From SNMONH.

Discovery Kits bring museum science exploration to K-12 students across Oklahoma. These kits feature museum specimens and artifacts, in addition to science and social studies curricula for grades K-12 that meet Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS). Kits can be checked out for a two-week period.

Through a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), 12 new Discovery Kits will be available starting in 2016. In addition, these new Discovery Kits will be available for delivery to schools across the state of Oklahoma at no charge!

For more information about Discovery Kits, including delivery methods, and other Frequently Asked Questions call SNMONH 1-405-325 -2353  ask for Catherine Carter.

More than a Magic Show ...
Dr. Lon's Amazing Science Magic Show is not like a typical magic show that relies on tricks and sleight of hand. Dr. Lon's show is designed to display the marvels of science by demonstrating interesting phenomena ... phenomena that may appear “magical” but can be explained by principles of science. You might say it highlights the marvels and mysteries of the grand and wonderful universe we live in, but without the need for tricks or deception. If you're looking for something other than a standard magic show ... a show that is entertaining, engaging, and educational ... a show that actually lets the audience in on "the trick" ... make a date with Dr. Lon.

The show can be customized in a variety of ways ...
- To fit the age group: K-6 kids, pre-teens, adolescents, adults
- To fit the occasion: library programs, school programs, private parties, corporate events
- To fit the theme: STEM programs, science awareness programs, party-atmosphere, demonstrations tied to a message (leadership, inspiration, etc.)

Dr. Lon Will Be Your Guide from Awe to Aha!
Dr. Lon has a passion and the know-how for making science come alive—making it exciting and relevant for kids and adults alike. In addition to being an experienced educator, entertainer, and public speaker, he is is also an engaging storyteller and author of the children's book, Where Do Magical Banjos Come From? .

This is the Jurassic Explorers looking for dino bones, tracks and fossils.

This is one of the resources offered for teachers and students.

The traveling zoo makes educating youth a priority and never turns down an invitation to visit a school, childcare facility, or youth focused event. Presentations include display and discussion of approximately fifteen animals. Volunteers and staff talk about the animals' original habitat, feeding, behavior, and personality. Children are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the animals. Children can touch the animals if it is deemed safe for the animal and children.
5301 Ear Bob Rd
Locust Grove, Oklahoma
Call (918) 386-2203 - John Links
It would be nice for Zoo Safari and Sam Noble  to coordinate a program together.

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Darryl "Dusty" Rhoads 940-577-7782

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This is the G scale size. There are other sizes 027, Ho and N scale. I also have the wooden Thomas. This helps students in STEMS program.