The Fossil Study Rock  and Living Fossil Trees   



After a morning of hunting Fossils and Minerals there are many other places to visit.


Tahlequah Tourism


George M. Murrell Home

murrellhome@okhistory -


The Cherokee Nation


Oklahoma Scenic River Commission


Lake Tenkiller Area


Lake Fort Gibson Area

Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce

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Then visit "The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees" at Heritage Elementary. You must check in at the Front Desk during school hours.

Lunar and Meteorite Disk Program (K-12)

Contact Bridget McInturff, Curation Education Disk Specialist for training from NASA on using the disk.

281-483-3870. She also has information on video conference through Susan Foxworth about NASA and the astronauts.


"The Oklahoma Mining Experience"

The Oklahoma Department of Mines is offering the Student Outreach Program as a classroom presentation or as a field trip to an active mine site. The program is appropriate for 4th - 8th grades. It will have hands-on interactive activities, as well as question and answer time. The interaction between students and presenters makes this a fun and education presentation. Fact sheets and activity handouts are included. For more information:

Stacy Barnett, Ok. Dept. of Mines - 918-485-3999 -

Need of funding?
How it Works, makes it easy to help classrooms in need. Public school teachers post classroom project requests which range from pencils for poetry to microscopes for mitochondria.
Charles Best, a history teacher at a Bronx high school, is spending his own money on school supplies. So are his colleagues. He sketches out a website where teachers can post classroom project requests--and where anyone with $5 can be a philanthropist. His colleagues post 10 projects, but Charles doesn't know many donors, so he anonymously funds those projects himself. Are you a teacher in need of funding?
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Sally Brasel and Dr. Molly L. Yunker

Molly joined the Oklahoma Geological Survey as the Education and Outreach Coordinator.

Her expertise and passion lies at the intersection of Geology and Education. She earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geological Sciences from Case Western Reserve University, where she completed a thesis on the interdiffusion of metals at high pressures and high temperatures. Her Ph.D. is in Science Education from the University of Michigan, where she studied the design an

d development of science curricula that integrates the outdoor learning environment. Molly spent two years as a Fulbright Scholar and postdoctoral researcher in Israel. She has worked collaboratively with scientists, researchers, educators, and the public to bring earth science concepts to people of all ages, in a variety of contexts.

In her free time, Molly loves to be outdoors – visiting new places and eating, camping, biking, and hiking. She is a doula, and likes to volunteer, craft, read, and spend time with her husband and son. You can reach her at 405-325-7313 and yunker@ou.ed.

 Also on Face Book.  web address: .


Discover how science affects your everyday life on the Science Floor! From optics and resonance to balance control, magnetism and airplane wings, every object you use functions because of science. Take a spin on a computer-controlled, gyro-balanced, giant joystick on wheels on the Segway Course. Explore the science of the gyros that allow a Segway to balance you at Bicycle Wheel Gyro exhibit.

 Understand how bridges are constructed by building your own Catenary Arch and learn how you can easily move a 400-pound weight with little effort with Resonant Pendulum.

 What is bigger than a city bus and taller than

a two story house with a head that spans 3 feet with dozens of seven-and-a-half-inch-long teeth? Don’t worry; our Camarasaurus is an herbivore. It won’t nibble on you as you sleep.


Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole

Welcome to a favorite family destination! We’ve created a special place where children of all ages come each year to explore a world of fun through interactive play. As you explore our website, be sure to Take a Virtual Tour. You’ll discover our hands-on award winning museum is in part, an imaginary town where children can roleplay in a variety of career opportunities. Another part of our museum is dedicated to self-discovery in the world of healthcare and science exhibitions. See our surgical suite, complete with actual footage of surgery. Our outside play area holds a 12,000 square foot Castle Maze and a train, the SuperSONIC Express! Look at our What's New!section for updates on fun things happening. And don’t be a stranger; we’d love to hear from you! Just Contact Us!

The Ventures (Telstar/The Lonely Bull)


Elsing Museum

God's Natural Art Museum 

Your thoughts - how rare, how beautiful! God, I'll never comprehend them. I couldn't even begin to count them anymore than I could count the sands of the sea. Oh, let me rise in the morning and live always with you! Psalm 139:17-17 MSG
The Elsing Museum comprises an extensively rare collection of some of the world's most amazing gems, minerals, natural art, Indian artifacts, oriental artifacts, and much more. A visitor's first glimpse of the museum makes it clear that many years of dedication and careful selection by Mr. Willard Elsing has resulted in an irreplaceably unique exhibit. Visit for information on operation hours and field trips.

Sam Noble Museum

Have your students missed out on visiting the Sam Noble Museum due to lack of funding? We offer a variety of funding opportunities.

Click here for more information on field trip funding opportunities!

Check Out Our New Educator's Guide!

This guide will introduce you to the many programs we offer to visiting school-aged groups and resources for educators.

OK Grants for Field Trips

Type the above into your browser and this will open up more grants than listed to the right. Schools has to apply for the grants. Since school budgets are real tight (now even tighter) contact your local rock club to see if they can help after all grants has been approved.

Financial Supports & Grants

Oklahoma  Energy Resource Board


Fossil Fuel Fund Application


Target Field Trip Grant


Jasmine Moran Children's Museum


Oklahoma Dept. Of Mines

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2018

Research - Purple Martin

Monarch Watch

face book

Okies for Monarch, Monarch North for more information

Northeast Oklahoma

Beekeeper Association

The group meets ever second Monday each month at 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Wright Christain Academy, 11391 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, Ok. Contact Dane Strickland for a visit to your school to see the bee's making honey. Dane will give an in depth study on bees. Why honey bees are so important to humans surviving. Contact Dane at 918-698-1741, e-mail Also look on face book.