The Fossil Study Rock  and Living Fossil Trees   




It has happen!!! The Rock is now part of the Northeastern State University - Innovation, Discovery, Education and Academy

The Rock a Resources Center for all K-12 to College Level Learning 

The area schools can use The Rock as an extension of the class room. A place where students can hunt minerals and fossils. We will be working with Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Oklahoma Geological Survey - OU, Boone Pickens School of Geology, Dept. of Mines, and numerous Rock Clubs. Then we will have a study sheet to incorporate Math, Science, Art and English aligned with the state testing program. This sight can be used from the simplest math to combinatoric, hyperbolic geometry and alebraic topolopgy. The project will be up dated to meet STEM and STEAM requirement for the students.

President Dr. Steve Turner NSU cuts the ribbon with his staff. This opens the new NSU Innovation, Discovery, Education Academy. With the extra growing space this will open great opportunities for K-12 to college level students. Then the resources of Idea will be a  opportunity for teachers to enhance their lesson plans. 

Joshua Bedell senior at OSU Boone Pickens School of Geology explains what is the most exciting things about Geology in the QR code below.

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The Magnificent Seven
Al Caiola (Instrumental Magic)