The Fossil Study Rock  and Living Fossil Trees   




The Rock a Resources Center for all K-12 to College Level Learning

Hopefully by the Spring of 2019 The Rock will be made part of Northeastern State University studies for teachers. This will give the teacher experience in the outdoor classroom setting. How to use all the resources in setting up an outdoor classroom.

We are working with the area schools to have The Rock an extension of the class room. A place where students can hunt minerals and fossils. Then will have a study sheet to incorporate Math, Science and English aligned with the state testing program. This sight can be used from the simplest math to combinatoric, hyperbolic geometry and alebraic topolopgy. The project will be up dated to meet STEM and STEAM requirement for the students.

The video shows the Raspberry Shake that records earth quakes.  The shake picked up the pounding of steel beams into the ground from the new Casino.  

Raspberry Shake Shakes the Robotics Dept. at NSU           
Thanks to Dr. Molly Yunker of Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma,  for bestowing the
Raspberry Shake to Northeastern State University in the State of Oklahoma.
he Raspberry Shake 4D gives people like you the ability to truly observe unseen vibrations that happen all around, as well as the big ones that really shake things up around the world. These Earth movements affect us all in some way or another, the more serious ones hitting the news with increasing frequency. These movements are no longer limited to just “natural” movements such as sinkholes, landslides and earthquakes. Human factors are becoming increasingly more apparent with quarry explosions, nuclear blast testing, deep well waste water injection and fracking, processes that have impacted many of our friends and relatives directly. Recently the Oklahoma Geological Survey acquired 100 Raspberry Shakes for this very reason!.
Hopefully there will a live video feed this year. This will enable any school to visually use the shake.
The newest shake is located at Grand View Elementary under the direction of Laura Meyers.  

The Magnificent Seven
Al Caiola (Instrumental Magic)

Wildlife Wow soon will be added to The Rock's Resources.

The above foot print is a cast of the Carnosaur. The below is an artist rendition of the dinosaur.

Mr. T has shown up many places.