The Fossil Study Rock  and Living Fossil Trees   


In Memory Ken Headly's Show and Tell Collection

Thanks to Joan Headly for letting Sally and Dusty to continue Ken's Show and Tell Collection. Ken would travel around West Central Arkansas to show school students the collection. He would describe each item and history. Pictured below are some fossils, equipment and mineral in the collection.

President John F. Kennedy's

speech about going to the moon.

On July 16, 1969 America landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. While Michael Collins stayed in orbit. 

Ken's Show and Tell is available upon request. Dusty and Sally will present the collection with information on each item. Then if personnel from Oklahoma Geological Survey or Sam Noble Museum is available for a video conference.
Elizabeth Rader Certified from
NASA on the Lunar Rocks
The pictures below are from her 2 trips to NASA in Houston, Texas.
The last week in April of 2018 Mrs. Rader will be available for a show and tell at your school. Please contact her at Greenwood Elementary, Tahlequah, OK